Are you an expat or a refugee in The Netherlands? Are you looking for a life coach or career coaching? I can be of assistance in that case. While I am not a native English speaker, I have good conversational skills. If you speak English well enough to have a conversation, I can be your coach.

I am a career and life coach by profession. If you are struggling with burnout, I can help you in your journey. I offer coaching when you reenter the job market and can assist with outplacement. Other areas of career coaching in which I've specialized are stress-reduction techniques, leadership coaching and coaching for seniors (50+).

If you are considered highly gifted or an HSP, I can offer specialist knowledge of the specific challenges you face. For you whose parent(s) saw the horrible effects of war and suffered trauma because of it, I offer specialized guidance and recognition of your troubles.

If you are interested in becoming a better leader, I can coach you in servant leadership. It will make you and your personnel happier with profits for your company!

Please feel free to contact me.